Red Cedar Solutions Group

Combining technical and subject matter expertise to create elegant and innovative solutions.

We Know People: Red Cedar Solutions Group is a technology company about people. Red Cedar’s mission is to bring together not only experts in technology but also subject matter experts who understand the real-world problems people face and, together, develop elegant, innovative solutions to those problems. Where most tech companies swing a hammer, building products with overloaded feature sets and bloated data architecture, Red Cedar wields a scalpel, building products just big enough to address the real-world issues faced by our clients.

We Know Data: Red Cedar’s real strength as a company is in its rich understanding of data and the ability to turn data into useful information. Not only do our tech experts maintain large, powerful databases, but our information architects work with our subject matter experts to make sure that the data we collect can be harvested, analyzed, and presented to users in ways that change the way people work.

Recent Solutions

MI School Data

A portal created to provide educators and the public with real-time access to a variety of educational data.

Ohio Risk Assessment System

A tool which promotes consistent and objective assessments of the risk and recidivism for offenders in Ohio.


Orange Grove

Orange Grove is a web-based tool built for school performance management